A Helpful Tip!

As you probably well know the economy is set to take off after the November elections don’t be fooled. The resent sore in new construction as well as the stock market is a very good indicator of what is going to happen in the near future. When we finally put all the nonsense behind us and America gets back to work, get ready for one of the biggest economic booms in american history!

Now is the time to prepare your business to catch this boom and take advantage of the season. Make no mistake, even with all the misinformation out there most American can see whats coming and are preparing. Don’t get discouraged, now is the time to focus and  get your business on the front line.


Here’s a helpful tip…

Most people don’t know that Google has a website builder. That’s right and if your not using it your loosing business. https://www.google.com/business/website-builder/

If you want to get found you need to build a site using Google’s Website Builder.

Whatever package you decide to use on LCW free, featured or premium do yourself a favor and link your Google Web page for the listing.


Local City Walk can also do this for you.

When you sign up for our premium package this is also included. Not only will we fully SEO your listing, we will also build you a great Google Web Page to help you dominate the first ten listings on the search results page.



A Helpful Tip!
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